Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nursery: Done!

At last, I feel comfortable nudging that Project Tracker up to 100% for the nursery. We got the border up, and we are happy with it.

We don't have any real "before" pictures of this room, but the walls were blue and the carpet was green. We thought that was a strange color scheme until my sister Laura pointed out that the walls were the sky and the carpet was the grass. It was a nice enough looking room, but of course we wanted to personalize it for the girls.

The only thing we really didn't like was the color of the carpet. Which is why everyone thought it was rather funny when we painted the walls (with help from my Uncle Gary and Aunt Becky):

Yes, somehow we chose a shade of green for the walls that was very similar to the carpet we didn't like. So maybe that carpet wasn't so bad after all...

But we still think the hardwood floor that were under the carpet looked better:

Here is the room now. We're rather limited in terms of arranging the furniture: three cribs take up most of the wall space. But we love it.


Anonymous said...

The alphabet looks wonderful! I must have been in the nursery seven times today, twice each for Isabel and Audrey and three times for Lily and never saw the letters. I hope I notice them this week! The room really looks great.

MontyFam said...

Hi! I read the article in the College Hill Commoner about you. I really enjoy your blog. We are too fixing up our College Hill home on our own. Slow going, but very rewarding! Also, did you guys happen to take a Multiples class back in Dec. at Wesley? We have twin boys that were born in March.
Best of luck in your home ventures! Look forward to reading more about it!
Melissa Montgomery

MontyFam said...

I forgot to put that the Multiples class was in Dec. of 2006 before the boys were born.

James said...

Hi Melissa,
We did take the multiples class at Wesley, and Dec 06 sounds about right! How are your boys doing? Feel free to email me if you don't want to keep posting in the comments. :)