Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Attic Bones

Some time back, I headed up to the attic room to retrieve something from storage. This is what I found:

Maranda and I had already decided to replace the ceiling in the attic room a little at a time. The ceiling decided to start the process a little earlier than we'd planned. The picture above looks quite a bit better than what I found. This picture was taken after we cleaned up the collapsed ceiling and the blown insulation that was spread all over the place. You can use your imagination, but trust me that it looked very, very bad.

Here's a "during" shot, as we were putting up insulation and sheetrock:

Now that we have a couple of small sections replaced, it caused a bit of an itch* to get the rest done. I can now see how good it could look with a little more work.

*True, that itch may just be from the fiberglass insulation.