Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool Bathroom Stuff

A post on the Old House Web forums led me to a site I've never seen before, Mac the Antique Plumber. Someday we plan to completely renovate the kitchen and bathroom on the main floor -- most of the main floor has the original woodwork, the push-button switches, the original glass knobs on the closet door, etc., but the kitchen was redone in the 60s. It was probably a good idea at the time, but blech. Boring woodwork and cabinets, and a bathroom that opens directly into the kitchen (perhaps we're prudes, but that just feels wrong). Someday, that bathroom door will be around the other side, where at least the person washing dishes won't be the first to mention you have toilet paper on your shoe. Mac the Antique Plumber could get us into trouble when renovation time comes. Of course, this is after the triplets are out of college we're talking about, so who knows what will be around by then.

The site has some very cool stuff. Some of it I don't think I'd actually want it in my house, though. For example, the Pillbox Toilet would be quite a conversation piece, but I rarely have conversations in the bathroom. But for the tub, you can't beat a thermostatic leg tub faucet. Very cool.

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Karen in Wichita said...

Being a bungalow, our house has a bathroom that opens into the hallway, virtually into the living room. And has a cheap-n-nasty hollowcore door that doesn't block sound at all. Privacy? Might as well just hang a curtain (well, then the dogs would come in and stare, which tends to disturb guests).

But hey, if we put in a pillbox toilet, conversations between the person in the bathroom and everyone in the living are pretty much unimpeded.