Thursday, December 6, 2007

College Hill in the News

There's an article an KSN's Web site today about Kirstie Alley's new "Santa Land" that is on display. (If you drive down east Douglas, you can't miss it. It's between Kirstie's house and the Scientology Center, and it's the thing that looks like a giant Santa Land.)

Apparently it's the actual Santa Land that was made for the movie Look Who's Talking Too, but I won't hold that against it.

They don't specifically name College Hill, but that's what they are referring to:

Wichita's resident movie star, Kirstie Alley is at it again, getting into the holiday spirit with a display that people say will be "over the top."

Santa Land is taking shape at 3725 E. Douglas in Wichita. Her friends say it's her way of fitting into the neighborhood that's long been big on holiday decorations.

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Barry said...

Hey, nice blog, James. What a very small world (and neighborhood).

Thanks for including us in your blogroll!

Barry Owens
The College Hill Commoner